The Sun Mountain Speed Cart GX is that the latest pushcart from Sun Mountain that creates walking stress-free. This cart is straightforward yet sturdy, easy to fold and transport, and has adequate storage for love or money you would possibly need on the course.

Sun Mountain’s roots started in 1981 once they used backpack technology to make a far better lightweight carry bag. They’ve come an extended way since backpack straps; they’re now a pacesetter within the industry for pushcarts. The Speed Cart GX in 2019 may be a product of their constant development and is ideal for most of the golfer whether they are pro or a newbie, who needs to walks regularly also needs a comfortable cart they will simply transport.

Sun Mountains GX is the best-selling latest version of their  Speed Cart from the inheritance of Sun Mountain developments. The tech part of the card folding system was improved to make sure a close-bodied lock when the cart is folded up to restore or even in use while they also added an incidental mesh basket midway down the aluminum frame. This cart is with the simplest easier system to use and doesn’t need directions to be used. Every golf item features a specific place or holster.

Size and Setup

The Speed Cart GX is neat, using two rotating latching brackets to fold the handle and front wheel into a compact and easy-to-load position.The wheel latches simply synthesize handle height and settings based upon personal comfort and the type of bag used. The golfers easily realized that a more parity bag appointment can often occur by shifting the load to the rear part of the cart and perhaps causes a tip over unto the handle. This was so simply solved by array the front wheel latch and moving the bag to the foremost upright and vertical lodgment. The bag also can stand on the cart when one or both latches are folded for more storage which allows for the entire unit to be stored or moved simultaneously. Also, Improve golf experiences. Most of the golf schools in the U.S. agreed on that. By taking the Training Someone can consider golf as a career.

sun mountain speed cart gx

Storage and Accessories

My favorite part of the GX is that it’s a spot for everything. The telephone pocket holds the phone upright and facing the golfer with screen visibility. having the ability to see your phone quickly between shots without lifting a finger may be a very convenient feature.

On-Course Performance Like any pushcart, the Speed Cart GX makes walking an entire lot easier and fewer complicated. a crucial part of any pushcart is that you simply want to feel as if the cart is gliding along the turf. the massive wheels roll right over rough terrain, and therefore the ability to regulate the handle to my desired height makes it comfortable to use. I found that the bag’s angled positioning keeps the load distributed evenly between all 3 wheels and almost makes the cart feel lighter than it’s.

speed cart

The two mesh baskets are really impressive which are tight enough to retain usable accessories but will likely be used for pullovers, snacks, extra towels, or headcovers. The bottle holder maybe a little rigid and isn’t adjustable. It fits approximately the width of a can of soda but anything wider and you’ll require the larger bottle carrier. The universal umbrella canister is user-friendly and simply stored underneath the handle when not in use. there’s a good range of accessories like coolers and a seat that easily attaches to the cart for those trying to find a touch extra out of their pushcart.

The braking mechanism is conveniently located on the proper side of the handle and uses a pin-system to lock the rear right wheel into place. The brake itself is durable and will certainly withstand several seasons of use without fail. Unfortunately, because it’s attached to the rear right wheel, it also is an axis of the opposite 2 wheels if they’re stopped on higher ground. this is often not an enormous deal, but I had to urge won’t to ensuring the brake wheel was always on the very best point of any hills.

The padded valuables tray is ideal for watches, earrings, or anything you’ll get to remove and store once you arrive to the course. I loved using the Speed Cart GX as there’s much storage and therefore the 2-step system is straightforward enough where it had been never a burden taking it from my house to the course.


The Speed Cart GX may be a durable pushcart, perfect for any golfer that has got to regularly transport their equipment. The 2-step E-Z latch system makes it seamless to maneuver to your liking. The GX doesn’t lack storage and features either. With modern touches sort of a smartphone slot with a charger-cord-hole beneath, the GX makes the walk effortless.


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